Vùng sản xuất Toscany
Xuất xứ Italy
Giống nho Chardonnay
Loại rượu White
Nồng độ 13,5%
Dung tích 750ml
Năm vụ nho 2014
  Đặt hàng
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Mô tả

The luminous gold reflections in the glass are reminiscent of the days of harvesting: the Chardonnay for Benefizio, left to mature on the plant until it reached a sugar content of 230 g/l, when harvested presented healthy grapes of a beautiful golden yellow colour. The tears which slowly descend in the glass herald a warm wine with a good alcoholic content, which is precisely what gives the nose the aromas of flowers and tropical fruit, blending with the spicy scents and delicate wood notes. The sustained acidity – the result of a not excessively hot year – will in time confer on Pomino Benefizio Riserva 2013 [Pomino Benefizio 2013 Reserve] a surprising longevity and long storage life.