Vùng sản xuất Toscana IGT
Xuất xứ Italy
Giống nho Merlot
Loại rượu Red
Nồng độ 14,5%
Dung tích 750ml
Năm vụ nho 2011
  Đặt hàng
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Mô tả

Lamaione  is a deep, bright red. The nose is distinguished by clean aromas of blueberries and ripe blackberries without excessive softness. Dark chocolate, licorice and hints of coffee follow balsamic scents and spices such as thyme and fresh peppermint. The finish adds aromas of tobacco, toasted almonds and walnuts together with hints of flint and tar. The entry on the palate reveals a tightly-woven texture, remarkable tannins and taste-olfactory correspondence. The persistence of Lamaione is very long, and the finish recalls its considerable expressive power.